The Basics of a Dairy-Free Party Platter

The Basics of a Dairy-Free Party Platter
    • Cured sausages
    • Whole-muscle cut meats
    • Pickled fruits and veggies
    • Crackers, toasts, crostini, baguette, etc.
    • Dried fruits & nuts
    • Jam or Jelly
    • 1-7 oz of The Dairy Free Co. Schmiracle

Welcome to (almost) another season finale of The Bachelor. We hear Colton has been found since the fence incident and all is well except for his totally broken heart. But we're ready to watch the drama unfold with nothing more than a stellar slat of meats, pickled veggies, and dairy-free spreads. 

Something about a hand-picked, guilt-free display of yumminess says “Best watch party EV-ER!"

Set down your favorite smoked, dry-cured, or cooked meats to be the foundation of your party platter. Mix and match to combine an array of salty, spicy, and mild flavors in thick and paper-thin cuts. Pile on a variety of veggies, fruits, assorted bread and crackers. Divide up the combo of colors for a picture-perfect arrangement. #BachelorBash

Our spreads, toppings, and dips are delicious substitutes to customary soft and hard dairy dips including bleu cheese and gorgonzola. Try utilizing any of our six flavors, per your guest's taste buds

*Remember to keep our products cold before your squad arrives.*

To make this platter vegan, simply eliminate the meat options and top your plate off with a yummy overload of fruits, veggies, cooked quinoa, and more!

So, what do you think? Will Cassie come back to Colton or will this Bachelor season end with no proposal in sight? Don't forget to tag us in photos of your watch parties with our products as a special guest. 

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